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Fourth-generation farmers Richard and Alice Tallis planted their vineyard on the red volcanic loam soils of their traditional farming property, bringing back viticulture to the Dookie areaafter its absence for almost 100 years. In the late 1800s Dookie flourished with expansive vineyards, and at its peak produced one-third of Victoria's wine. Annual wine balls were held on the Tallis property in a vast, and still undiscovered, cellar buried beneath the Dookie Hills. Tallis uses a ‘tread lightly' approach in the vineyard, avoiding sprays and using mulching and composting, with minimum intervention in the winery. Tallis has built an eco-sensitive cellar door constructed from straw bales grown on the property, plus recycled and sustainable building materials, and with an energy-sensitive layout. Exports to Fiji and China. -JAMES HALLIDAY


<p>Tallis Wine is an exciting boutique winery located in the rich red Dookie Hills on the north eastern edge of Central Victoria, a region which was once at the forefront of Victoria&rsquo;s wine industry. This family owned business is committed to producing 100% estate grown, quality wines reflecting the unique Dookie &lsquo;terroir&rsquo;, warm climate and distinctive ancient red hills. These hills are similar to the Cambrian soils for which Heathcote is renowned.<br />
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&nbsp;&ldquo;By living and working on the property we can closely monitor the development of our vines, grapes and wines,&rdquo; said Richard Tallis, who, with his wife Alice runs Tallis Wine. &ldquo;Perhaps the most important thing we have learnt during our journey, is that our wine is grown in the vineyard and that the geology of this unique strip of hills is ideally suited to our premium wine varieties&rdquo;.<br />
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The Tallis family has been part of the Dookie district for many years running traditional farming enterprises. Their wine journey began during 1998 and they now have 24 hectares of vines including shiraz, viognier, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and sangiovese. &ldquo;It is exciting to see that, after a rich history of grape growing in the late 1800&rsquo;s, this unique region of Dookie is once again producing quality wine&rdquo; Tallis Wine is run alongside traditional broadacre enterprises including wheat, canola and sheep.<br />
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The Tallis&rsquo; are committed to a low input sustainable system. &ldquo;Our viticultural practices demonstrate our respect for the environment and through adaptive and integrated management systems we are endeavouring to eliminate environmentally harmful sprays&rdquo;. The Tallis philosophy of encouraging bio-diversity in the vineyard extends to the minimal use of additives in the winemaking process and wine storage in a purpose built environmentally sound straw bale barrel hall.<br />
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Tallis wine is hand crafted in the property&rsquo;s boutique winery by Richard Tallis and Tanya Blackmore. Each vintage, family and friends come together to pick the grapes which are then crushed and fermented in open vats. The juice is hand plunged and aged in French and American barriques. <br />

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Grown on our family property in the rich red Dookie Hills, North Central Victoria, our wine reflects our connection with the land and the promise of what is to come.<br />


Rating Not Rated
Winemaker Richard Tallis, Tanya Blackmore
Established 2000
Dozens 2000
Vineyards (area) 24.75 ha
Viticulturist N/A
Opening Hours W'ends 11-6 (winter 11-5)
Address 195 Plains Road, Dookie, Vic 3646
Telephone 0437 825 547
Website www.talliswine.com.au