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Hobbs Barossa Ranges is the venture of Greg and Allison Hobbs. The estate vineyards revolve around 1ha of shiraz planted in 1905, 1ha planted in ’88, 1ha planted in ’97 and 1.82ha planted in 2004. The viticultural portfolio is completed with 0.6ha of semillon planted in the 1960s and an inspired 0.4ha of viognier (’88). Gregor Shiraz, an Amarone-style shiraz in full-blooded table-wine mode, and a quartet of dessert wines are produced by cane cutting, followed by further desiccation on racks. The Grenache comes from a Barossa floor vineyard; the Semillon, Viognier and White Frontignac from estate-grown grapes. The Tin Lids wines are made with ‘the kids’, Sean, Bridget and Jessica. Exports to the UK, the US, Germany, Singapore and Taiwan. -JAMES HALLIDAY


The winemaking story of Hobbs began in 1995 when Greg and Allison’s next-door neighbour, and outstanding winemaker Chris Ringland, made their first few vintages. The Hobbs' and Chris have enjoyed many a long and animated discussion, in the vineyard, and over meals paired with a glass of wine or two, as they blended thoughts and ideas that have formed the individual style of their wines. Since then, Chris has directed them on the right path by guiding them in making their own wine, while joining them as a consultant and friend. Hobbs of Barossa is similarly fortunate to work with Pete Schell (Spinifex Wines) who has been a winemaker with them for the past 10 years. He now focuses on the Gregor, the Tin Lids range and the Fortified Grenache. Pete has a sensational palate and nose as well as superb winemaking skills. He believes in the quality and influence of fruit and has an inordinate integrity and honesty that is revealed in his winemaking style. With a strong belief in their own fruit, the team’s combined skills and their desire to make only wines of exceptional quality, Hobbs are becoming one of Australia’s premium labels. At Hobbs they lavish care and craft on the grapes that they grow to make exceptional wines. Yet as much as considered winemaking counts towards the quality of their final products, soil and climate play a vital part in defining the character of each vintage even before the grapes are picked. The Barossa Ranges provide unique conditions for grape growing. The Hobbs vineyard is situated at the top of the ranges, overlooking Flaxman’s Valley. The coarse, yellow, podzolic soil here lies atop clay subsoil, mixed with decomposing rock. It may not sound very exciting, but it has a great advantage for them - this strata stores water well, meaning their vines can be effectively dry grown. A combination of wet, chilly winters and warm summers conspire with the unique local soils to produce grapes of rich character. Growing season temperatures in the Hobbs vineyard are comparatively low. The influence of these lower temperatures is significant, creating a longer ripening phase that results in very distinctive varietal flavour characteristics. The Barossa Ranges are rugged and beautiful. Like most of nature’s gifts, their beauty is more than skin deep, the secrets of soil and seasons bringing so much to the wines they make. Some of their vines have thrived for a century in this idyllic hillside setting, their grapes only becoming richer and more distinctive as the decades roll by. To taste any Hobbs wine is to savour the very essence of where they live.


Shiraz, Viognier, Cabernet, Grenache

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You will find Hobbs wines for tasting at The Artisans of Barossa Tasting Room. Corner Light Pass and Magnolia roads Vine Vale.


7 days 11–5

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Winemaker Pete Schell, Chris Ringland (Consultant), Allison and Greg Hobbs
Established 1998
Dozens 1500
Vineyards (area) 6.2 ha
Viticulturist N/A
Opening Hours 7 days 11–5
Address Artisans of the Barossa, 24 Vine Vale Road, Tanunda, SA 5352
Telephone (08) 8563 3935
Website www.hobbsvintners.com.au