2021 Vintage snapshot


By Tyson Stelzer

25 Aug, 2021

The 2021 Tasmanian vintage

East Coast Tasmania

East Coast Tasmania experienced lower-than-average yields, and was hit by 100mm of rain mid-harvest, yet still put forward some of the finest chardonnay grown in years.

Southern Tasmania

Southern Tasmania enjoyed a classic growing season of moderate temperatures and intermittent rainfall. Harvest dates were in line with long-term averages (late by recent standards), yielding high-quality sparkling base, pinot noir and chardonnay of great natural acidity and concentration.

Northern Tasmania

Northern Tasmania saw cooler-than-average temperatures and plenty of rain right up until just a few weeks before harvest. Calm, sunny weather ensued, topping off a harvest of pristine flavours and high natural acidity in spectacular chardonnay, and amazing concentration and structure in pinot noir. One of the great seasons in Tasmania in the making.

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