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2024 Wine of the Year

Yangarra Estate Vineyard Old Vine Grenache 2021McLaren Vale, South Australia

99 points (PD*) | Price when tasted $45

You could have blown us over with a feather. The same grape variety, from the same producer, has somehow managed to win our Wine of the Year for the second time in the space of only a few years. We taste over 8000 wines each year. When we sit down the judge the Awards, we have no idea what the wines are, from start to finish.

The chances therefore of a grenache from the same estate in McLaren Vale making it through all the various stages and discussions to come out on top, twice; well, they’re somewhere between Buckley’s and none. And yet Yangarra Estate has done just that. Its High Sands Grenache 2016 took out the Wine of the Year in 2020; this year its Old Vine Grenache 2021 has achieved the same feat. On top of that, the voting in favour of this year’s winner was emphatic.

Yangarra winemakers assessing the old vinesYangarra Estate Vineyard has won Wine of the Year with grenache for the second time since 2020.